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KATAMOUSEY ISLAND is a unique adventure puzzle game by Kidd Frog for the MizJam 2020. This game was created in under 48 hours, using the Kenney 1-bit Art Pack (Which was a requirement for the jam)


Ⓐ- Mute/Unmute Music

Ⓢ- Shoot Skulls

▼ - Display Health

◄► - Turn ▲ - Accelerate

// Note Katamousey Island uses Tank controls. Contain your groans and give it a shot!

The once peacful island of Katamousey has been invaded by a swarm of evil Skeleton Warriors. Along for the ride are three big bad goons that'll have you rollin' home to mama if you're not careful. Control Mouzer a playful young Mausumi with an incredible sticky-ball that sticks to just about everything!

Push your way through a bite sized adventure filled with ghastly spooks and troubled townies. Collect and craft to reclaim your spot as the Wheel deal.

Helpful hints!
  • You can gain momentum and speed by accelerating and turning in a clockwise/counter clockwise motion.
  • Picking up items adds weight which makes it harder to push your ball around. Make sure you don't rush in or you'll lose everything!
  • The more you carry the harder it is to push that wheel, each Mausumi can carry different load amounts.
  • You can throw out any unnecessary items at the nearest trash receptacle. Or, you can get hit.
  • Getting hit will not only reduce your health, but it'll fire all of your skulls, and you'll lose all of your items!
  • Arrows may not hurt, but they sure slow you down!
  • Green Mausumi can not swim, but Blue and Gold Mausami can!
  • The Farmer uses his logs to create tools like Shovels, and pickaxes
  • The Picker has all kinds of neat things around back!
  • You can't go back to the kingdom without some cold hard gold!

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Sounds created using BFXR

Against the grain of dystopic claims

Not the thoughts your actions entertain

And you have proved to be

A wheel hero

Hero, Nezumi

- Electric Youth

Katamari Damacy OST - Katamari on the Rocks CHIPTUNE by Thommaz Kauffman 
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorKidd Frog
Tags1bit, 2D, Female Protagonist, katamari, Singleplayer, weird, zelda


Katamousey Island.zip 21 MB


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man, this was a fun little number.

Always blowing me away with new takes on retro style games.

Anyone who has a chance to check it out, super fun when you get on a roll and the style is pretty kawaiiDesu


awesome game!so much fun once I got the hang of it!!